Necessary Qualifications of a Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a professional who provides financial guidance to clients for compensation. They have the capability of providing an array of services, which include income tax preparation, investment management as well as estate tax planning. When you are looking to hire a financial advisor, here are some of the necessary qualifications to ensure compliance with the authorities. Licensing Having a license is essential in conducting any form of service transactions to make profit. [Read More]

Planning To Say No To Your Customers? You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance First!

It is an exciting time to stop working for a boss and start running your own business. Your themed cafe is about ready to open its doors after you finish hiring staff. However, while you already have insurance in place to cover damage to property and loss of earnings, have you protected yourself against a customer who does not like the word no? There are legitimate reasons why you are allowed to refuse to serve customers, and there are circumstances when you cannot. [Read More]